There might not be a FASTER way to get fired from a driver's ed job than this.


There's a guy named Corey Malone, and he works for a driver's ed company in Germantown, Wisconsin.  And last week, he went to Germantown High School to get one of his students.

But he was DRUNK.  And he was so drunk that, at one point, after he picked up the student, he backed the car into a gate . . . which swung out and hit the school's PRINCIPAL.

It turned out his blood-alcohol level was four times the legal limit, and he had no idea he'd hit the principal.

Fortunately, the principal wasn't hurt . . . and neither was the student in Corey's car.

Corey was arrested for operating while intoxicated. 

(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



(Here's his mugshot, and here's surveillance video showing the crash.)