If you're going to pose as an undercover agent, at least try to remember which agency you're pretending to be from.

There's a 45-year-old woman named Lisa O'Donnell from South Bend, Indiana.  And last week, she went into a gas station wearing an FBI hat, claimed to be a federal agent, and demanded to see their security camera footage.

The employees wouldn't let her, and she wound up driving off in her Dodge Charger with no plates while the staff called the cops.

They pulled Lisa over and she told them she needed to see the gas station's footage because there had been counterfeit bills passed there.  And when they asked her who she was with, she said . . . the CIA.  Even though she was wearing an FBI hat.

The cops looked into it, and neither the FBI nor the CIA had ever heard of her.  And it turned out the Dodge Charger she was driving was stolen . . . she'd gone for a test drive in it at a car dealership and never brought it back.

She was arrested for felony impersonation of a public servant, which could get her two-and-a-half years in prison.

There's no word on why she wanted the gas station's security footage. 

(Here's her mugshot.)