A 21-year-old Brittany Mapel is behind bars after allegedly “smashing lemon cake” in her mother’s face during a confrontation Friday night in the family’s home outside Tampa, Florida.

    A complaint affidavit does not indicate why Mapel “willingly smashed lemon cake” in her parent’s face. After the alleged cake battery, Mapel snatched a cell phone from her brother’s hands and reportedly declared, “Nobody is calling the cops today.”

    When police arrived at the family’s Holiday residence, they observed the 51-year-old victim’s “face to be covered in cake, and there to be cake all over the floor.” Mapel was arrested on a misdemeanor battery count. 

    She was also charged with tampering with a witness, a felony, for taking her sibling’s phone before he could use it to dial 9-1-1. A judge has ordered Mapel to have no contact with her mother or brother.