Police in Ohio said a man fabricated a report about being robbed so that he didn’t have to tell his wife that he actually lost his wedding ring. According to police, Officers responded to a Genoa Township car wash on Monday after receiving a call for a robbery in progress.
    The alleged victim told investigators that two men armed with a knife approached and robbed him of his ring. Police say the man described the two fictitious victims as Hispanic males in a black pickup truck. Investigators surveyed the area for a matching vehicle and watched surveillance video from nearby businesses. The video revealed that the man was never approached by anyone while sitting in his car.
    According to Genoa Township, the man later confessed to making up the story because he was afraid to tell his wife that he lost the wedding ring. “This unnecessarily tied up many of our officers for several hours, responding in emergency status, and inconvenienced the business at the car wash,” Genoa Township wrote on Facebook.