BEATRICE – The Fourth of July brings fireworks….and there’s strong opinions about whether that’s good….or not so good. Supporters say its fun and lasts just a few days….while others say they bother pets and are noisy, late at night.

While the State of Nebraska has a ten-day period for sale and use of fireworks, some communities, like Beatrice, narrow that period. It’s a six-day stretch in Beatrice, from June 29th through the Fourth of July.

Owner-Operator of C-N-C Fireworks, Chris Cullison, along with his labrador named Pyro…..are enjoying steady sales this year.  "We've spoke with our customers and a lot of them are like, it's only one time a year...we want to enjoy it as long as we can. Contrary to popular belief, we've had customers that have been here every day since we've been open....and they're dropping two, three, four hundred dollars each time. It's not just a one-and-done, for the people who really enjoy it."

Cullison says people will purchase fireworks right up to midnight on the Fourth. Through the six days, Cullison says his main fireworks stand in north Beatrice and a smaller one in the west part of the city will log six-figures in fireworks sales.  Beyond the money coming in, selling fireworks is a job creator, with 17 people employed by C-N-C.

Cullison says most people who buy fireworks range in age from 20 to 40….but older citizens enjoy them as a well.  C-N-C Fireworks also puts on a public fireworks display during Homestead Days, and a second public display the evening of July 3rd.

Police Department Director Jay Murphy says since fireworks sales and use began last Saturday in Beatrice, about 15 complaints have been received…about half-of-them related to the curfew time.

"We'll get maybe a handful of them per night...shooting afterwards or debris falling in someone's yard....things like that."

For the first four days of the fireworks period in Beatrice, curfew for using fireworks is 10 p.m. But on July 3rd and the 4th….you can use fireworks up until midnight.