FAIRBURY, Neb. -- Fairbury is in the process of cleaning its streets after a severe storm whipped through Tuesday night.

Tree branches, limbs and even entire trees were ripped off due to near 80 miles per hour wind gusts. 

Those limbs covered the streets Wednesday morning.

“I know when I first walked out of my house this morning, I could see limbs over the roads and stuff,” said Jason Rogers, an employee of DM Management.

But city crews were not the only people cleaning the streets. 

Residents, like Chris Richie, who started by cleaning his own yard, decided to help others too.

“When I went to go dump it, people were helping me unload my trailer, so I thought I would run back out and start helping some more people,” said Richie.

He says he saw a need, and had to help.

“Well, I see that there is a need,” said Richie. “I know there are some branches still laying in the roads, so I’m just picking them up as I go. From place to place.”

And Rogers, despite having to clean up his company’s properties, still found the time to help other residents.

“One of the neighbors at some of the properties got one limb and we say, ‘Hey, we’ll throw that limb on for you because we’re heading to the dump anyways’ So we’re trying to help when we can,” said Rogers.

Richie said, it's just what small town communities do for each other. 

“I think what comes around goes around. People see me helping out and they are willing to jump out of their dump trucks to help me unload the trailer. That’s inspiring on its own,” said Richie.