BEATRICE, NEB. - As a southeast Nebraska radio station celebrates a major milestone, their theme has been giving back to the community and showing their appreciation for community support. 

KWBE radio in Beatrice celebrated 75 years of broadcasting last week, with a major celebration at Charles Park. Entry was $2 or a canned food donation, both going to the Beatrice Community Food Pantry. Station General Manager Brad Achtemeier says it continues the theme of what got KWBE to 75 years. 

"The 75th anniversary of KWBE was all about community... Because without this community, KWBE wouldn't be here," Achtemeier said. "It just shows - community support, supporting each other, it's just awesome."

KWBE raised $870 and 210 pounds of canned food items for the pantry. Food Pantry Director Angie Essam says that allows for about three months of purchasing from the Lincoln Food Bank, for over four tons of food. 

"$870 will buy us so much," Essam said. "Things that are way too expensive for us to buy locally. We benefit from this in a great way... We're so thankful to have the support of the community and of KWBE radio. It means the world, it really does."