BEATRICE, Neb. -- A radio station in Beatrice is 75 years old, and the milestone was celebrated Friday with over 600 people in attendance. 

On June 12, 1949, Mel Mains, signed the radio station, KWBE, on at 7 a.m.

“Mel Mains, known for his news coverage for a Lincoln TV station for so many years,” said Dave Niedfeldt, Operations Manager. “So, everybody related to Mel, “The local boy”, as to kicking off the radio station.”

Since then, it has been Beatrice’s main station with 70s and 80s hits, Beatrice Orangemen sports coverage and local news. 

“It just brings us all together. It makes us one community and one family,” said Niedfeldt.

But how does a radio station survive for 75 years without being overtaken by another station? 

Niedfeldt has one answer. 

“It’s all about being local,” said Niedfeldt. “It’s all about being local. Sure, we can report on the national news and the state news, but when you start reporting on the local news, the local events and the local celebrations, that is so important when you are a size of this radio station.”

And that has been the success story for the station. Local coverage creates more belief and support from a community. 

“It’s a gradual process but you have a community that starts to believe in you and they trust you to tell them what’s going on,” said Doug Kennedy, KWBE News Director.

And the station will continue to stay local. And the community will continue to support them, maybe even for 75 more years.

“It’s a two way street. We support them and they support us. That’s the success story right there for 75 years,” said Niedfeldt.