BEATRICE – A communications company has filed legal action against Gage County and individual members of the county board of supervisors. 

The action by Pinpoint Communications, Inc. based in Cambridge….filed in Gage County District Court in late May followed a board decision to deny application for a utility permit to install an underground fiber network in public right-of-way.

The lawsuit sought reversal of the action to deny the permit, or to force the county to comply with state law which grants telecommunications companies the right to build, operate and maintain telecommunications lines and facilities using public right-of-way.

Pinpoint received approval of the Nebraska Public Service Commission for a grant to build a rural Beatrice project.  That was challenged by NextLink, which contended the project overlapped work they were performing, funded partly by ARPA funds awarded to Gage County.

Pinpoint contends Gage County exceeded its authority in denying the permit and acted arbitrarily and in an unreasonable manner.  The lawsuit also contends the county has a duty to enforce state law for companies seeking use of right-of-way for projects.

The lawsuit seeks reversal of the permit denial…or an order requiring Gage County Board members to enforce state law provisions regarding Pinpoint’s permit.  The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, attorney fees and costs….along with other relief the court seems appropriate.