LINCOLN, NEB. - Fandom can come in many forms… Especially for Husker fans. One man is showing his fandom, by redoing a ’51 chevy.

“It’s a 1951 Fleetline Deluxe,”

A ’51 Deluxe, unlike any other.

Doug Christie has spent years crafting the perfect Nebraska Cornhusker themed retro vehicle, making changes and updates year in and year out. Christie’s driven several Husker coaches in it, but before all that, it was just a family car.

“My stepfather bought it brand new in 1951, grandma drove it for like 15 years and it sat underneath the tree… so they said does anyone want it, like who wants a four-door green car,” Christie said. “So I said I’ll take it.”

And the tradition began.

Now, Christie has modifications like a bar in the back, a complete Husker exterior done by Revolution Wraps in Lincoln, a Husker colored interior, that blasts music any Husker fan will always recognize.

“It’s wonderful,” Christie said. “We drive it to every home game, we stop at about 15 tailgate parties. They invite us, we stop, I give out stickers to the kids, water, etc. We have a good time on Saturday’s.”

In addition to football Saturday’s at Memorial Stadium, Christie jam packs the offseason with appearances at car shows around the state, continuing to spread Husker pride.

He says his passion for the car comes from a deep routed love, for Dear Old Nebraska U.

“In the 90’s, late 80’s, we never missed [going to] a bowl game,” Christie said. “That’s when we went to bowl games. We went to every home game, road games, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado… We had a big tailgate party for years down at the stadium, but I lost my lease, so we decided to start doing this and I have a lot of fun with it.”