WILBER, Neb. -- Melissa Smith and her daughter, Kylee Adams, started a coffee business…out of a trailer. 

Ambition Coffee Co, was created in November and Smith, along with some of her family members, built the trailer the business was in all on their own.

“Starting the trailer was a lot of work because we did that all ourselves,” said Smith, the Owner of Ambition Coffee. “All the construction and everything of the trailer.”

With the support of those from Wilber, they moved the business into the Wilber Hotel. 

“And then moving in here, we had a lot of stuff to just reorganize to make it more of a coffee area,” Smith said.

Since moving in, they’ve turned it into a family business. 

Smith works with her mother, two daughters and some of her sisters. 

They all have restaurant backgrounds with her daughter, Kylee, having barista experience. 

With her experience, she has had to teach them how to make the drinks.

“It’s fun. I like kind of being the know it all and teaching them stuff,” Adams said. “They catch on really fast. My mom caught on the fastest.”

Since they moved into the hotel, they have seen tremendous support from the community. 

“It's actually been overwhelming the amount of support we have gotten from the community,” Smith said. “We are not originally from Wilber. We’ve lived here for quite some time now. But everybody has just been super supportive and really excited about the coffee shop.”

People from Wilber are not the only people to come get coffee, but they have seen people come in from all around southeast Nebraska. 

“Thanks for all the support,” Adams said. “People from all the towns around us too have come and helped us. We have a family member that does coffee for us. We get a lot of support and I’m super thankful for that.”

Smith said they are looking to hire more baristas in the middle of summer.