BEATRICE – The Beatrice Board of Public Works is recommending city council approval of a bid for Lincoln Street and 33rd Street construction, along the new Beatrice Prekindergarten to Fifth Grade School.

It will include the city’s first round-a-bout…at 33rd and Lincoln.

The board recommends the bid of Constructors Inc., of Lincoln for a three-phase project at a cost of about $2.33 million. BPW General Manager Tobias Tempelmeyer describes the intersection work that would be done at 33rd and Lincoln.

"What we do on the round-a-bout is we have shifted it to the south and to the west. It ends up not impacting the property or the yards of those residents that are on the east side of 33rd Street."

Tempelmeyer said the round-a-bout would be similar in design to the one at Saltillo Road, at the south edge of the City of Lincoln.  The first phase of the project would be done on Lincoln Street, from the Christ Community Church east to the intersection. The second phase would be construction on 33rd Street, from the intersection south to near the Evergreen Home Cemetery entrance. The final phase would be from west of the Christ Community Church to the church entrance area.

"You'll see the trail...we tie that back into the sidewalk that exists on the north side of Lincoln Street. On the south side, what you'll notice is that sidewalks also get added on the south side of the street in front of Christ Community Church. They stop there at an open field. As it would develop, sidewalks would be extended further on that side."

Each phase could take about four months. During part of the construction, a temporary road would be used to ensure access to homes along 33rd. Employees of the adjacent Beatrice State Developmental Center would access the state property during construction from the north side, off of Hoyt Street.

The new areas of Lincoln Street would have a center turn lane. There will be several entrance and exit points onto and off of the school property.
Although the new elementary is scheduled to open for the new school year, construction of the streets and intersection will not be finished…a reason for approaching the project in phases. Construction could start this summer.

The public works board recommended the Constructors bid from the seven bids that were received. The bids were separated by about $630,000, from lowest to the highest.  The $2.33 million low bid came in well under the engineering estimate for the entire project….which was just over $3.49 million.