BEATRICE, NEB. - It’s been a decade since a piece of southeast Nebraska history was brought back to life.

Traubel’s Popcorn stand in Beatrice is set to celebrate 10 years at their downtown Beatrice location of fifth and court. Deb Fiedler says it’s an accomplishment the stand takes pride in.

“It’s wonderful especially knowing that there were people out there who didn’t think we’d make it,” Fiedler said.

Fiedler is President of the Beatrice non-profit Community Possibilities, the group responsible for bringing Traubel’s back to life. Traubel’s was started directly across the street from their current location in 1937 by John and Stella Traubel, and the stand remained for 50 years. The stand was often ran by Ruth Gustafson, better known to some, as “The Popcorn Lady.”

Fast forward to 2014, and Community Possibilities began the process of reopening.

“We had quite a few fundraisers where people donated money to make the stand possible,” Fiedler said. “We got the stand built and then 10 years ago, as of May 1, we opened and have been going ever since.

The original stand now sits inside the Gage County Historical Society and tours will be offered throughout the day on Thursday, the day of the anniversary.

Fiedler says her most fond memories of the last 10 years are the interactions she enjoys with customers.

“I love being part of that stuff,” Fielder said. “Who shows up to get popcorn in a bad mood? Not too many people! I enjoy that social interaction.”

From being a Nebraska Passport destination in 2022, to their grand opening 10 years ago, the memories of Traubel’s are plentiful and they ask the community to celebrate those with them in their anniversary celebration Thursday evening.

“We’ll have other treats for people to enjoy besides popcorn, picnic tables, we do ask people to bring their lawn chairs,” Fiedler said.

Those other treats include food trucks, snow cones, and the event also will include live music and games.

The event is set for 5:30-9:00 p.m. this Thursday, from Court to Ella Streets in Beatrice