FAIRBURY, Neb. -- A small radio station in rural southeast Nebraska raised over $100,000 for kids in need at St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Ol' Red 99.5, based out of Fairbury, raised over $115,000 during the Country Cares St. Jude Radiothon. 

This is the ninth year of the station doing the Radiothon.

“Just us giving a lot of information about how great the hospital is, how great the research that is happening at St. Jude,” said Trevor Steinmeyer, Station Manager.

The radio station had increased its total donation count over the years but this one was the biggest. 

“Last year, we got to $95,000 so this year, our goal was to get over that 100,000 mark for the kids of St. Jude and we were able to do it, $115,000 and some change,” Steinmeyer said. “When we released the final number of the total, we all just went crazy. Lots of screaming in the control room.”

For two days, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., they were on the air, with stories from kids and families who are and have been at St. Jude. 

Steinmeyer said the community really came out to support.

“As a small rural station, raising over $100,000 is amazing,” Steinmeyer said. “It really shows how much our listeners really connect with us and really go to bat for us when we’re trying to do something. And we had little kids coming in. We had a little kid do a lemonade stand and raise money. We had four little girls that had sold freezer meals and hot chocolate bombs. We had a kid bring in his piggy bank and his allowance.”

Steinmeyer said they got the most sponsors and walk in donations they have ever had.

“I can’t imagine what those guys are going through,” Steinmeyer said. “Us giving up 12 hours out of two days is nothing compared to what they’re doing.”