HEBRON, Neb. -- A worker at Thayer County Health Services found a parallel between her own life and a worldwide phenomenon.

While putting together plans for her 55th birthday, Kari Edie, Director of Food and Nutrition, realized that it fell on the day of the solar eclipse. 

She bought eclipse glasses and invited community members to a restaurant at the hospital in Hebron to celebrate both events.

“I usually do something special but in this community, it’s small so I wanted to do something for the whole community and I knew about the eclipse,” Edie said. “So I ordered a bunch of the solar glasses and made it a community luncheon.”

Members from the community along with workers and members in the clinic came to get the glasses; making the restaurant run out. 

Edie said she is glad to bring the community together to celebrate a worldwide occurrence. 

“So, now, it’s nice to have all the people from around here, coming up to get the glasses,” said Edie. “It’s really cool that it's a community and worldwide thing this year.”