MARYSVILLE, Kan. -- The Marshall County Arts Cooperative is putting together an event called “Let's Get Physical at the Replay Lounge.”

The event is a two hour show done by local musicians, including an eight member musical ensemble and an eight member live band. 

Eleven special guests will come perform as well, singing songs like Physical, by Olivia Newton John, Hand Clap and Born to Hand Jive. 

The event spans Friday and Saturday night with reserved seats close to the stage at $40 and general admission further back at $25. 

This is the 16th annual musical review and the fundraising has been great for the arts cooperative every year.

“This is the Marshall County Arts Cooperative’s largest fundraiser of the year," said Wayne Kruse, president of the Marshall County Arts Cooperative. "It’s a two act musical review called ‘Let’s Get Physical’ at the Replay Lounge. It's at seven o’clock on Friday and Saturday at Venue 36 on the east edge of Marysville. So, the title of the show gives you an idea of what’s in the show. So, ‘Let’s Get Physical’ means that all of the songs are about body parts or about movement or motion.”

There are no more reserved seats for Friday but general admission are available. General and reserved are available Saturday.

Residents can go on or call 785-859-4260 to register.