BEATRICE – Beatrice elected bodies, commissions, boards and committees will now be under a new Code of Conduct….as approved by the Beatrice City Council, Monday night.

"Doing the work for the common good of the people, rather than your personal talks about refraining from abusive conduct or inappropriate profanity, that type of stuff. Keep confidential information, confidential." City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says members of appointed bodies will also be asked to agree to the new policy.

Mayor Bob Morgan said the idea for the code of conduct was offered by City Clerk Erin Saathoff. "We always ran that we wanted to try to represent the best of the city the best we can. It just kind of puts on record, that we want to do the right thing."

There was no discussion of the new policy Monday night before approval of the code of conduct. It was not clear if a specific action, incident or incidents prompted a proposed code being brought forth. For the city council, it doesn’t mean signing a document, but rather agreeing to a policy.

Monday night, city officials approved another sponsorship to help provide private support for Hannibal Park improvements. Bomgaars Stores Foundation will have naming rights on a pavilion near field number seven at Hannibal Park, donating $35,000 in separate $7,000 contributions over five years.