FAIRBURY, Neb --  Some Fairbury residents have been receiving postcards in the mail asking for information leading to the arrest related to illegal immigration and human trafficking in Jefferson County.   Under the text, it gives the name and telephone number of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and a notice that the postcard was paid for by a private enterprise.  

Jefferson County Sheriff, Nicholas Georgi issued a press release on Friday afternoon to inform the community members that these postcards are not endorsed or paid for by the Jefferson County Sheriff's office which is how the propaganda material was meant to be perceived.  

Sheriff Georgi made it clear that they were associated with the Sheriff's office, the county government, of any Jefferson County first responder.  "This ad was sent and paid for by a private enterprise not associated with Jefferson County in any way."  

Georgi said if anyone had any questions or concerns to contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's office. 

Below the full press release: