GENEVA, Neb. -- The Fillmore County Extension Office is hosting after school activities for students.

The programs span all across the county, from Shickley to Exeter-Milligan and Geneva.

Alexis Schmidt, the 4-H Extension Assistant for Fillmore County, said it is a safe space for kids to learn after school.

“It's just a safe space for youth to come and have a hands-on learning opportunity after school,” said Schmidt. “Usually, it is during early outs so that they have a little bit more time to have a different activity for them to do in a safe space.”

The theme for the programs differ every month, but each theme gives the students new opportunities to learn. 

“We have a different theme each month," Schmidt said. "In September, we are doing aerospace, so we are really focusing on making rockets and how rockets fly. All kids are welcome to come, it’s free and usually there is a snack and then a hands on opportunity.”

The program has two sessions, for kindergarten through second grade and third through sixth grade. 

Schmidt said it is a positive youth development opportunity for the students involved. 

“We are trained youth professionals so we have that training of being a positive youth development opportunity for kids to find their spark and thrive,” said Schmidt. “In 4-H, we really focus on that. It is just providing that safe space. Maybe the parents are still at work and there are early out opportunities so it just provides kids to have a different out of school time.”

Parents can sign their children up at today.