BEATRICE, Neb - The Gage County Sheriff is warning of another round of scam calls. 

According to a post on Facebook, on Tuesday, a resident from the Beatrice area was called by an individual who spoofed their phone number to make the call appear as if it was coming from the Gage County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office says the individual used the name of an actual investigator on staff and told the victim they had to pay over $3,000 to stay out of jail. The individual then told the victim, if she hung up, they would send a "mobile unit" to her house to arrest her. 

During the 43 minute phone call, the victim was able to text the Gage County Victim Assistance coordinator who contacted the real investigator and advised of the ongoing scam. The investigator then joined the call and the individual hung up without any money lost.  

The sheriff's office says this kind of scam is becoming more common and advises calling Southeast Communications at 402-223-4080