FAIRBURY- Neb. -- Fairbury capped off the weekend with its 12th annual car show in the town square. 

Cars from as early as the 1920s to as recent as 2023 showed up to be judged and shown off to the spectators. 

Even the youth came out to show their cars too.

The event coordinators expected over 100 cars to come to Fairbury and support the local car show. 

Kirk Weichel, one of the planners of the car show, says that he enjoys putting these together. 

“There's six of us basically plus our wives, plus our families, plus some friends," Weichel said. "We get together, we figure out what we want to do. We are kind of like kids in the candy store, Mick has to slow us down a little bit, because we have all of these things that we like. We do the planning and we made the trophies this year. They are all hand made this year except for one.”

Weichel hoped that the work put into the car show can be appreciated by the participants. 

“It takes a lot of work," Weichel said. "I’m not gonna lie, it takes a lot of time, it's a lot of fun. We hope we do a good enough job that people who come, want to come back.”

John Pabe brought a 1969 Camaro which he restored himself when he purchased it in 1990. 

“Well, it has been restored all the way back to like factory original because that is what I like," Pabe said. "I like the original factory, like it came from the factory. I like everything original."

Pabe has shown the car for over three decades and has enjoyed those car shows he has attended. 

“Over the last 33 years that I have shown the car, I have met a lot of people, a lot of car guys," Pabe said. "We are all about the same age now, we are getting older, but we all know each other and we have a lot of fun at these shows. That’s what it's about.”

The Fairbury car show is annual in the Fairbury city square.