BEATRICE, Neb. -- Ol' Red 99.5 hosted a briefcase giveaway featuring 10 lucky contestants who had a chance to win some big time prizes.

“All summer long we have been registering people at our live remotes for these mystery prize briefcases. So basically how it works is you come to where we are, sign up, and register,” said Trevor Steinmeyer, giveaway organizer. “One briefcase was filled up with five hundred dollars of gift certificates from area businesses, one was filled with $300 dollars of scratch off tickets and tickets to see Old Dominion in concert and then of course, our big winner got two thousand dollars.”

One of the participants, Eric Placek won the 300 scratch off tickets.

“I registered at check-in days in Wilber, Nebraska and it’s just amazing to be one of the ten finalists and then to be the final choice is just incredible,” Placek said.

Gidget Lehmen won the briefcase with the gift certificates but got drawn last minute. 

“I was drawn up last minute, so it was kind of an amazing feat with that. It was really exciting,” Lehmen said.

The big winner, Tyler Smith, won the grand prize, $2,000 cash. 

“I was pretty excited," Smith said. "I don’t think i’ve ever won anything that big before, maybe a couple of dollars on a scratch card but that’s about it."

He didn’t originally pick the two thousand dollars but got a little bit of luck. 

“I picked number two and then the guy behind me wanted number two so I ended up with number three briefcase and it had the two thousand in it,” Smith said.

For Ol' Red, they say it was a great event to bring out the community. 

“We love being out and about around the listening area. We were at county fairs, we were at festivals and grand openings throughout the summer,” Steinmeyer said. “So it really gives us a chance to connect with our listening audience and help out sponsors as well when they are promoting the things that they are promoting.”

Ol' Red continues to create summer promotions and plans to have more next summer.