BEATRICE, Neb - Over half of the Cornhusker state is under a  heat advisory for much of the next week, meaning people want their houses and buildings kept cool.

67 of Nebraska’s 93 counties are included in that advisory, including several from Southeast Nebraska. Craig Van Laningham is the owner of Van’s Heating and Cooling in Beatrice and provided tips to keep those units in their prime during the hot days.

“When it gets hot out, you should really make sure your A/C filter is clean.. Make sure the outside unit is clear and free to breather,” Van Laningham said. “It really needs to breate… When it gets hot out, it runs hotter, the hotter it runs, the more power it uses.”

Forecasted highs are in the mid to upper 90’s for the next seven days, with triple digits not out of the equation. Van Langinham says, despite the increased use of units, there are ways to keep electric bill costs down.

“Make sure your curtains are closed during the day, it helps block that sunlight coming in during the day,” Van Laningham said. “If you’re going to be gone all day, turn that thermostat up about three degrees, turn it back down when you get home.”

Although untimely, equipment can fail during heat waves.

“First thing you should do is check to see if everything’s moving, fans are blowing, and if not, shut everything off and call a technician,” Van Laningham said.

Van’s does stay on high alert during the hotter days and remains ready to help, but will always serve certain groups and places first.

“The elderly, we make sure we get to them first,” Van Laningham said. “Places with young kids, like an in home day care, places in need are always more of a priority.”