FAIRBURY, Neb. – The final dual of the 2023 Maine-Nebraska Wrestling Exchange was held in southeast Nebraska Sunday evening.

In a yearly event, in which standout high school wrestlers from the two states alternate traveling to the other, grapplers took to the mat one last time for this year’s event.

A total of 19 wrestlers and two coaches arrived in Nebraska from Maine June 26.

Sunday’s dual at Fairbury was the fourth and final stop for the group of traveling wrestlers, who competed against athletes from nearby schools at each stop. Local parents served as host families for the east coast wrestlers at each location.

Prior to Fairbury, the wrestlers competed at Conestoga, Pierce and Grand Island.

Next year, wrestlers from Nebraska will return the favor and travel to Maine.

The exchange was founded in 1984 by Wally LaFountain, a former wrestling official from Nebraska who moved to Maine.