ELLIS, Neb - A crucial part of everyday life 2023,  is being connected — particularly, with good service. Diode Technologies of Southeast Nebraska has made it a priority to give residents of the region, that very ability.

On Monday morning, members of the Diode team celebrated the completion of their latest venture, the West Ellis Project. The project was a part of Diode’s Nebraska Broadband Bridge 2 grant. Now, 43 rural homes have fiber service.

Diode President Randy Sandman says it’s a proud day for the company.

“We’re very proud, and that’s been a part of our mission, create jobs and bring service to those in towns in our area, specifically in Gage and Jefferson County,” Sandman said.

The project was completed ahead of schedule, in areas west of Ellis and north to Highway 4. Sandman says the project got done with urgency, as quality broadband is now a necessity.

“Broadband is for home purposes, education, business,” Sandman said. “We’re celebrating at the Countryside Event Center, they’re now hooked up to over 100 meg internet and host events, do a lot of streaming.”

As society as a whole becomes more tech-savvy, so does farming. Not only has machine technology evolved, but Sandman says there’s now a need for quality broadband in agriculture.

“Besides their own home office connectivity, a lot of times they download things from their machinery a lot faster,” Sandman said. “It all boils down to the network they have at their house, but we’re going to bring that 100 meg internet.”