BEATRICE, Neb. - A Southeast Nebraska grocery store is aiming to provide a new and improved shopping experience, while maintaining the same values and service it’s always had.

Previously named “Sun mart”, the grocery store in east Beatrice recently had its banner changed to “Family Fare.” Store Manager Josh Gilbert explains.

“They changed the banner to Family Fare to offer the customer a better shopping experience,” Gilbert said. “Customers, I’m sure, have noticed the big mess we’ve made, but it’s really begun to come together to create a better shopping experience and bring them better offerings."

The change was made in late May and a grand opening was held over the past weekend. The Beatrice location is one of seven stores in Nebraska that recently underwent the change.

Gilbert says the goal of Family Fare is to provide for the community. Most Family Fare employees are residents of the town in which they work.

“We are looking to serve our customers, serve our community,” Gilbert said. “Take care of the people who take care of the store there… Our associates all live in town and that’s part of what we want to do.”

A new aspect to the store is the aisle signs — each one features a street name from within Beatrice. Also new to the store is a new rewards system. Gilbert notes that while you get added benefits, it doesn’t eliminate sale prices.

“That doesn’t mean you won’t get sale prices, it just means it’ll be an added benefit to those sale prices,” Gilbert said. “It comes with rewards things, like coupons based on how much money is spent over the course of a month and digital coupons that we will help everybody take care of.”

To those loyal to Sunmart, unsure of the change to Family Fare, Gilbert encourages giving Family Fare a shot and to even bring feedback.

“Give us a try,” Gilbert said. “Let us know what you like… Quite a bit has changed, but we welcome everybody to come back for sure.”