LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Officers say they’ve completed their investigation involving a 9-year-old girl getting hit by an off-duty law enforcement officer in their personal vehicle.

The crash happened last week in Lincoln’s Highlands neighborhood and involved Chief Deputy Ben Houchin, who works for the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, around 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 10, Houchin, who was in his personal vehicle, hit the child who was riding her bike.

According to LPD, investigators worked to get neighborhood video of the crash, however they claim that none has been found of the crash itself. Investigators said it’s because many of the homeowners dialed back the sensitivity of their security or doorbell cameras to avoid repeated trips by cars just driving by.

LPD also claims that efforts to contact the mother of the little girl have been made and are documented in the case file. Officers also said they’ll answer any questions she may have.

“This is an unfortunate accident, but not dissimilar to the thousands of accidents occurring each year in the City of Lincoln. We hope for the speedy recovery of the child,” said LPD in a statement.

No citations have been issued.

LPD said that decision was “based on the accident circumstances as we know them in relation to applicable State law NRS 60-6,146; 60-6,314 or City ordinances LMC 10.14.040; 10.48.010.”

A week later, the little girl’s mother said she was in the hospital for four days and after they were released, they had to go back because the child couldn’t walk, her head hurt and she couldn’t open her eyes.

Investigators said they’ve interviewed witnesses at the scene, but if there are individuals who have direct information and were witnesses to the crash, they can contact the LPD at (402) 441-6000.