LINCOLN, Neb. -- A 27-year-old woman was arrested for stabbing a person with a BAC almost five times the legal amount in Lincoln.

The Lincoln Police Department said they were called to a disturbance where a 43-year-old man reported being stabbed by Mimi Kuot.

The victim told police that she was running from the scene to the east. 

LPD officers said they arrived and arrested Kuot.

Kuot was charged with second-degree assault.

Authorities said that Kuot's BAC when they arrived to the Lancaster County Jail was .393. 

LPD said that the male victim was stabbed by Kuot two to three times and hit in the face. 

According to officials, they don't know the circumstances for the conflict. 

The victim was taken to the hospital so he could get treatment for the cut on his shoulder, and he was released.