YORK - As a winter storm rolls through Nebraska into Wednesday night, many on the roads in the Cornhusker state are seeing their travel plans be affected. As a result, they have to pull off the road, and unexpectedly wander into a hotel. 

Such was the case in York, NE. at the Victorian Inn and Suites where a number of travelers heading westbound called the night home. Jay Shah is the manager of the hotel, one of three that sit within a mile radius of the York exit of I-80, and he described the busier than expected day. 

"We are on I-80 so with the weather being rough today, we've seen a lot of people coming to check in and probably check out tomorrow," Shah said. 

A short stay, sure, but it means more business for Shah and his employees. 

"It's good for the hotel business, but it's unfortunate for the travelers because they can end up getting really stuck here," Shah said. 

York saw a wide variety of weather that began with fog in the morning, then rain, then sleet, and then finally about 4.5 inches of snow by 6:30 pm Wednesday. Shah said he and his staff have been doing their best to keep up with the elements. 

"We try to clean up the sidewalks so people can walk easily, put down salt and shovel," Shah said.