BEATRICE – Gage County law officers report the arrests of three people last week, after authorities checked on the welfare of two young children reported to be living in poor conditions. 

Investigators said adults at the residence along West Cedar Road near Pickrell were also suspected of using methamphetamine in the home.

An investigation last Tuesday revealed three adults and two children, ages 11 months and three years….were found at the home.  After the initial investigation, law officers obtained a search warrant for the home, finding plastic baggies with meth and marijuana residue, suspected meth pipes and a marijuana pipe. 

Deputies said the ground floor of the residence was full of dirty clothes and the floor was dirty and grimy. Clothes and personal items were scattered on all floors of the home and trash and food was found on the floor in some of the rooms.  Investigators described a faint smell of urine and odor of rotten food throughout the residence.

Authorities said the kitchen sink and counters were stacked with dirty dishes.  A children’s bedroom floor contained animal feces and authorities said it was cluttered with trash, dirty dishes and toys.

Gage County law officers arrested 22-year-old Jocelyn Hatfield for drug and drug paraphernalia possession….and two counts of child neglect.   Officers arrested 23-year-old Diana Markey and 24-year-old James Lopez for drug and drug paraphernalia possession.

The two children were placed with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.