OMAHA - The Federal Communications Commission is looking to lower the number of unwanted fraud and spam calls. 

In September alone, 4.2-Billion robocalls were recorded, accounting for about 1,600 calls per second. International Fraud Awareness Week begins Sunday and US Cellular is arming customers with tips to avoid these unwanted calls. 

-"Local" Mislead: Caller ID doesn't always indicate where the call is coming from. Even if the call looks "local" it may not be. 

-No Questions: When you get a call, that comes from an unspecified phone number, do not answer any questions. This can lead to scammers obtaining information and lead to fraudulent charges. 

-Report it: Users can report spam calls at portal as well as through the FCC Consumer Complaint Center.

-Hang up: If the caller claims to be from a legitimate company or organization, hang up and call said company or organizations true phone number. 

-No buttons: If the caller (often via recording) demands pressing a button, just hang up. This also can alert scammers that the line is active, which may lead to more robocalls.