LINCOLN - A lot has changed in the world of college football since it was announced Oklahoma and Nebraska would play one another in back to back years five years ago.

Shockingly, neither team has the same head coach as they did back then. Plus, Husker quarterback Casey Thompson is the son of former Oklahoma quarterback Charles Thompson. When it comes to the Thompson family dynamic, some OU fans have strong feelings.

“It feels like it should be illegal,” one OU fan said.

Another told News Channel Nebraska it just doesn’t matter because Oklahoma has found success this year while Nebraska is sputtering at 1-3 after Saturday’s blowout loss.

Sooners fan Roland Hawp was confused to see Thompson head to Nebraska, but found the common ground Husker fans can agree with… he's just glad Thompson is not playing for the Longhorns in Austin anymore.

“It’s a little strange. I don’t know if he just didn’t want to commit to us or what, but at least he isn’t playing for Texas,” Hawp said.

Both of these teams have had recent coaching drama. After coaching his way to a 55-10 record in five seasons, former Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley abruptly left OU for the USC head coaching job. Last Sunday, Trev Alberts fired Nebraska head coach Scott Frost after a 16-31 record. Hawp said he was more surprised by the lack of success from Scott Frost.

“I was more surprised about Scott Frost because he was a great quarterback for Nebraska and I figured h’d be a great coach,” Hawp said. “I still find it hard to believe he didn’t have more success.”

The Sooners are now led by Brent Venables, while Mickey Joseph made his debut as Nebraska’s interim head coach on Saturday. Sooners fan Alex Hausman is thinking about the future for both teams.

“Let me tell you, I am very happy with Brent Venables. I think he just bleeds OU football so it's very exciting,” Hausman said. “For Scott Frost, it’s really unfortunate, but it’s the bad side of the game.”

Hausman says, above all else, he’s enjoyed the renewed sense of tradition the rivalry brings and hopes it continues as the Sooners head to the SEC.

“It’s absolutely amazing and it’s great to have it back from the Big 8 where we can play each other again,” Hausman said. “I hope we keep it going when we head to the SEC.”