BEATRICE - Demolition of another downtown Beatrice building is underway. Crews of Skyline Construction are doing the work, at a cost of just over $275,000.
The structure known as the Barber Building, at 413 Court is being demolished, starting from the rear of the structure, off an alley. Project Manager Mike Alexander, of Falls City says in a historic district, everything's got to be done just right.

"We're hoping we can be out of here in 30 to 45 days. They're historic buildings, and they all got to be tied together, so nothing happens."

City officials reached agreements with adjacent building owners who signed off on the project.  Alexander says braces have been put on those structures to protect them. He says the company's crews have done these types of projects before, involving adjacent buildings.

"We usually have anywhere from four to ten (crew members)...It just depends on what phases we go through. They all got to pass a safety deal...we have a safety meeting every morning to make sure everything is right...(reporter)..when you opened it up in the back there and you took a look at what was inside, what was your thought?...(Alexander)...I thought, Holy s__, but it's not looks worse than what it is."

Skyline is also removing a smaller rear portion of what is the former German National Bank building immediately west of the Barber Building.

It's the second demolition on the south side of the 400 block of Court Street to be undertaken in recent years. A building a few doors to the west was demolished earlier. That space was acquired by the Black Crow Restaurant and the open area now serves as an outdoor dining space.

The Barber building was condemned by the city about two years ago. City officials earlier said attempts would be made to recover costs of the demolition from the private owner of the building.