BEATRICE - The Beatrice Medical Center building on W. Court St. is for sale. 

"All of the people who are part of the building corporation except for one have retired," Dr. Robert McLellan said. "So we no longer work at either the medical building or dentist building. The medical building is still being used by the hospital, but on June 1 of next year they'll be transferring out to the new clinical building at the hospital."

McLellan said that does include the dentist's building which is already half empty. No potential buyers have come about as of yet, but McLellan says the ideal scenario is to sell the dentist's building and the medical center together, but is open to selling them separately. 

"We're being flexible about someone wanting just the medical building, we would certainly still talk with them about it," McLellan said. "But the idea is to sell both the medical center and the dentist's building with all the lad included in it."