WASHINGTON, KS — Exhibits, shows and entertainment are back at the Washington County Fair.

"It takes an army to keep this place up and going with all the events we have throughout the year," Fair Board Secretary Todd Lindquist said.

Lindquist says activities started Tuesday with several 4-H check ins and static exhibit judging.

Those continue through the end of the week, including a new robotics activity.

"It's a big pleasure to be able to provide them a spot to show off their prize animals and prize sewing and stuff like that," Lindquist said.

Things have run smooth for the most part, even with the heat. Surprises always seem to pop during fair week, however.

Lindquist says there was an untimely water main break at the fairgrounds early Wednesday morning, but organizers are optimistic it won’t impact fair events. City of Washington crews were hard at work fixing the issue Wednesday.

Maintenance issues aside, Lindquist says the fair board is excited for all their events through out the week. That includes a "Moto-Rodeo" where motor bike and UTV riders take on obstacle courses and barrel races.

Lindquist says riders from all over the state come to compete. 

"Everybody likes action," Lindquist said. "A couple years ago, a buddy and I decided we were going to get another group of people involved with the fair so we came up with the Moto-Rodeo. It's a motor-cross, UTV, ATV and dirt bike challenge."

There will also be a Luke Christenson concert to close things out Saturday night.

"It's a lot of work and we could always use more volunteers," Lindquist said. 

For a full Washington County Fair schedule, click here