BEATRICE - With political parties on both sides as polarized as ever, nationally....some local residents took a small step recently to prove that you actually CAN get along.

June 30th, persons participated in something called National Handshake Day. Gage County Board member Don Schuller, a Democrat, said he was contacted by Glenda Fralin of Wymore, co-founder of the Five-Percent Project, with the intent to have a liberal and a conservative shaking hands to demonstrate the ability to overcome the divisions being felt across the U.S.

Schuller volunteered to represent the liberal.  Blue Springs City Councilman Radar Reedy, volunteered to represent the conservative side.  The hour-and-a-half event was held at McCandless Park in Wymore. 

The Five-Percent Project is a neutral, nonviolent, nonpartisan gathering of people who hold vastly different political agendas but who seek to form a more perfect union, establish justice, and ensure domestic tranquility by changing people’s current fight and flight expectation in politics to one of dialogue, cooperation, and problem-solving.

Members subscribe to the notion that the current political rules, customs, and traditions dehumanize politics and reduce people to numbers...not valued humans. The project maintains the current political systems only deepen the divide and set the stage for a collapse of representative democracy.