FAIRBURY, NE — Fairbury's new clinic comes with a variety of upgrades for all ages.

Jefferson Community Health and Life's new clinic opened to patients in mid-May. Thursday evening, they held an open house to show off a main feature of the project — an expanded pediatric therapy center.

The old space was roughly the size of a patient exam room. 

Occupational therapist Lauren Cox says the new larger space gives them the ability to help more kids. 

"[The old space] only provided us to work with one child at a time, which limited our services we were able to provide" Cox said. "This allows us to provide a wholesome therapy experience to each child and meet them at their needs."

With amenities like a sensory swing, balance beam and even a rock wall, therapists can help with a variety of development areas through physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Physical therapist Kasey Murphy says it's wonderful to have these services in a rural area.

"We wanted to be able to serve families close by and not have to have them pack up their children to travel 60 miles away or an hour away to get those services," Murphy said.

Parents concerned with certain aspects of their child’s development should discuss with a primary care doctor if pediatric therapy could help.

Speech pathologist Sarah Meyer explains what to keep an eye out for.

"If you have gross motor concerns related to a child's ability to stand or crawl or sit up appropriately, in occupational therapy, for older kids it might be working on writing or for younger kids it could be using their motor skills or self-regulation skills," Meyer said. "As far as communication, if you feel they're not understanding things you're telling them or they're not expressing things in a way you think is developmentally appropriate."