BEATRICE - A southeast Nebraska library in using a creative event to help one of its most creative aspects.

The Beatrice Public Library is hosting a wine tasting event on Wednesday night to aid their maker space. The event is from 6-8 pm in the Norva Price Room.

"The event will be a wine tasting we are coordinating with Tall Tree Tastings," library director Joanne Neeman said. "It is $30, you get to keep the glass, we tried to coordinate the wine glass etched here in the maker space with the charm we made in the 3-D printer and a little napkin we embroidered on our embroidery machine."

Demonstrations in maker space will also be taking place so people can get a true feel for what the library uses it for. The maker space is used to do a number of different things such as wood cutting, 3-D printing, laser edging, and much more. Tyler Milke explains how the event will be beneficial.

"We're trying to showcase all of what we can do in here," Milke said. "Bring a little bit more awareness and a little bit more of a fund raising aspect to that to get people interested in what we do here and get all the support we can get."