CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said the primary election would trim the choices for county sheriff down to two candidates. 

This is incorrect. Since all candidates are registered as Republican, only one will be able to move on to the general election. 

Nebraska places the position of county sheriff on the partisan ballot, meaning only one member from each registered party can move on to the general election.


JEFFERSON COUNTY, NE — A county in southeast Nebraska hearing from candidates ahead of the primary election.

Candidates had a chance to speak at a forum Monday night at Fairbury High School.

Many people tuning in to hear what the candidates for sheriff had to say. Three are currently running.
Nicholas Georgi is the current sheriff. He wasn't elected, but rather appointed to the role last year.

He says his experience gives him an edge.

"Once I was appointed as Sheriff of Jefferson County, I had to learn many responsibilities in a short amount of time," Georgi said. "Being aware of all these responsibilities and knowing what is expected in this position gives me a great advantage and makes me the best candidate for this position."

Another candidate Cody Barry is a current deputy with the department.

He says the department needs to do a better job of developing relationships in communities and with drug enforcement.

"We as law enforcement must remember we are not just a reactive service," Barry said. "We need to be a proactive service to prevent the crime that plagues our county."

There is a third candidate. Wilbur Young is a former deputy running for the office. He didn't speak at the event.

He recently faced charges for failure/neglect to serve a warrant and his trial was the same day of the forum. Young was found not guilty.

Since all candidates running are registered Republicans, only one will be able to move onto the general election. Therefore, the primary election will essentially decide who will become Jefferson County's next sheriff.