After months of planning and fundraising, work to repave roads at Fairbury’s cemetery is underway.

"We had no idea how generous people were going to be so we're very thankful for that," Charley Endorf said.

Fairbury Cemetery Association Board Member Charley Endorf says work started Monday. He and the rest of the board are impressed with the amount of progress made in the short time.

"In just three-and-a-half days, it's an amazing process," Endorf said. "They're very well organized, they know what they're doing and we are stunned and happy."

Endorf says the work was badly needed. It’s the first time the main roads of the cemetery are being redone in nearly 75 years. It’s not just about functionality though.

"We have a great superintendent out here who just does an immaculate job of keeping the beauty of the cemetery," Endorf said. "If you have a beautiful house, but a lousy yard in front of it, it takes away from the beauty of the house."

Depending on how donations continue to keep coming in, the board is wanting to complete more work.

"We also want to continue doing some probably 12-foot roads throughout other parts of the cemetery," Endorf said.

The board is hopeful that as more people see progress on the roads, they’ll be more encouraged to continue to donate. Nevertheless, they’re thankful for what the community has contributed so far.

"They all add up and we'll take anything. Ten, 15, 20, 100 bucks, whatever it takes," Endorf said.

If you would like to donate to the Fairbury Cemetery Association head to