DEWITT, NE — What started as a game of catch between a couple of neighbors, is now heading to a college football field.

Brevin Damrow and Gavin Weichel signed their letters of intent to play football at Concordia University in Seward on Wednesday. The two Tri County Trojans grew up across the street from each other and honed their skills in the front yard.

“We’ve gotten along forever. Went to preschool and kindergarten together so we’ve known each other all our lives,” Damrow said.

“Every chance we got in the summer, we were out throwing a football or doing something,” Weichel said.

The pair reached their college decisions independently. Weichel says based his choice on if a school made him feel at home. 

“I looked a few places and Concordia just felt like I belonged," Weichel said. "Everything about that place just felt like I needed to be there.”

For Damrow, Concordia was always going to be the choice if he decided he wanted to play football. After talking with family, he pulled the trigger.

“I’ve just always kind of loved it," Damrow said. "I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t take the chance, so I just knew that it was something I had to do.”

While they don’t know exactly where they’ll fit in position-wise - Damrow knows he’ll play somewhere on the offensive line and Weichel will be on defense - they do know they’ll be with a familiar face in Bulldog blue.

“We were neighbors growing up, so we’ve been together since playing football in the yard to now we’re playing on the turf with college football jerseys on,” Weichel said.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because last year's Tri County class was similar. Brandon Beeson and Drew Garrison grew up as neighbors, played at Tri County, and signed their letters of intent together... although they committed to rival schools.