FAIRBURY, NE — A court official in southeast Nebraska is retiring after more than three decades of service to the judicial system.

Jefferson County Court Clerk Magistrate Tammie Duensing will retire on December 13th. She started working with the Judicial Branch as a records clerk in 1982 and began as a deputy clerk in 1986. She became a clerk magistrate in September 1992.

“Tammie has been an exemplary clerk magistrate during her tenure with the court,” said Sheryl Connolly, Trial Court Services Director for County Courts. “In addition to her other responsibilities, Tammie has dedicated 20 years to the county court procedures manual committee.  Through this work, she has contributed to the knowledge and resources for court staff throughout Nebraska.  She will be missed.” 

Clerk magistrates are responsible for the administrative functions of the county court offices. They also have limited judicial responsibilities that can include accepting pleas in misdemeanor cases and setting bail.

Clerk magistrates are hired by the county judges of the district in which they serve. A new or interim clerk magistrate is expected to be designated for Jefferson County before Duensing’s retirement.