I mean, as far as pranks go, this is pretty great.  Totally illegal, apparently . . . but still great.

There's a guy from Newaygo County in western Michigan.  And apparently, he'd been having a lot of arguments with his brother earlier this year while they were hunting for deer at the private camp their dad had left them in his will.

So the guy decided to mess up his brother's hunting season . . . by spraying the entire area around his brother's hunting stand with DEER REPELLENT.

His brother eventually figured it out, and trail cameras had caught the whole thing . . . so he's been charged with hunter harassment.  He's also facing a separate charge of baiting deer when prohibited. 

(Another "spraying prank gone bad:"  A middle school bus in Parrish, Florida had to be evacuated on Monday after one kid sprayed an EXCESSIVE amount of Axe Body Spray.  Fifteen kids needed treatment from paramedics.)