Maybe this isn't the best time to try to get someone to make a bet with you.

A 62-year-old woman named Mary Westerlund was pulled over for drunk driving on Monday night her near home in The Villages . . . which is a notorious retirement community, mostly because it's lots of older folks constantly getting hammered.

And Mary asked the cop if he wanted to BET the over-under on her blood-alcohol level.  She said they could bet a quarter, and she guessed she'd hit .19.  Which is more than twice the legal limit, by the way.

She might've gotten that number because the LAST time she got a DUI, back in 2015, she blew a .175.  So maybe she felt a little drunker this time around?

Anyway, the cop turned down her offer to bet.  And Mary's prediction was WAY off . . . she blew a .229.

She was charged with drunk driving and resisting arrest.