JEFFERSON COUNTY, Neb. -- Blue Valley Community Action released its 2023 impact report at the County Commissioners meeting Tuesday in Jefferson County. 

BVCA has partnered to assist over 7,000 individuals by offering life-changing services that provide solutions that can help build lives of stability, dignity, and prosperity. 

BVCA has supported over 3,000 children, 3,000 adults and nearly 1,000 elderly, giving them affordable and safe housing, financial stability, education, and providing them nutrition to live a healthier and balanced life. 

County Commissioner Mark Schoenrock commented today at the County Commissioners meeting about Blue Valley Community Action. 

“I’d like to equate it to helping people get their hands on the first rung on a ladder,” Schoenrock said. "So they can start climbing the ladder. Sometimes, people, their circumstances are such, they don’t know how they are going to get that first rung on the ladder. And I think what we do at BVCA helps them get to that first rung on the ladder so they can climb up themselves.” 

BVCA continues to do volunteer projects and community service around Jefferson County, Fairbury and southeast Nebraska. 

Volunteers have donated over 24,000 hours which is valued at around $530,000 worth of their time and services to the community.