BEATRICE, NEB. - A new culinary experience is now three months in making in Southeast Nebraska.

Zo’s Soul Food began with Owner Lonzo Ewings and his food trailer - now, he has a full on store front in downtown Beatrice.

“It’s gone pretty good so far,” Ewings said. “Everyday I see new faces. I think people are starting to see we have good food and people are wanting to come trying us out because of the food.”

Lonzo Ewings grew up in Mississippi, before work brought him to The Good Life. A fellow employee at an auto detailing job recommended Ewings try his hand at serving in Beatrice. After success using a food trailer, Ewings opened his downtown Beatrice store front that now sits on sixth street.

On your way to the restaurant from the north, you may notice quite a few fast food spots, making Zo’s a new experience for many Beatrice residents. That’s something that makes Ewings feel good.

“It does.. I spread out and say, most of the time, I want people to taste what I have,” Ewings said. “Even if they don’t ask for it. Even if it’s not on the menu, they try it, say ‘Hey, that’s good, put that on the plate!’”

The reason for the sampling, is Zo’s is still growing. From decorating the interior, to finalizing the menu, as Ewings hopes to start doing breakfast and brunch.

“Right now I don’t have a set menu, because I don’t know what people want and I want people to see what they want here in Beatrice,” Ewings said. “People are coming. I see new faces all the time. I’m liking that and I get returns all the time and the word of mouth is spreading me out there.”

One of Ewings’ favorite parts of this new adventure is how well he’s been received by the Beatrice community - so well that a local jewelry store even hooked him up with a custom necklace!

“I joke about it saying they treat me like the mayor down here!” Ewings said. “I’m loving it. Everyone around here is friendly, supportive, and they always tell me how much they love our food… Me, myself, I look at it as an opportunity I took and it’s striving. I’m glad to see people here and it seems like they’re glad to see me too and they don’t want me to leave.”

Zo's is located at 108 S. 6th St.