BEATRICE - The City of Beatrice is hiring a company to help determine if old insurance policies in existence may help cover part of the cleanup cost of the former Dempster Industries Plant site in south Beatrice

Officials approved the agreement with Eisenstein Malanchuk LLP to assist in negotiating environmental insurance claims on liability coverage of the Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company, Dempster Industries or its LLC.

City officials say evidence shows old policies exist. Historical information preserved and now on display at the Homestead National Historical Park points toward that likelihood.

The company the city is contracting with has done similar work for the city before….and would be entitled to 35% of whatever insurance proceeds are recovered.
State and federal environmental officials have been assessing and removing materials from the plant site, which eventually will be demolished.  That included recovery of spilled oil from old transformers.   

City officials have acknowledged tearing down the entire plant will be a multi-year process.