WILBER, NE - The Czech capital of the United States is beginning celebrations for an annual festival.

Wilber Czech days is this weekend in Wilber and celebrations kicked off at the Legion Park on Wednesday night with Polka in the Park. The Wilber-Clatonia alumni band serenaded campers with polka songs. Jeremy Kohout and Jen Pospisil say Polka in the Park is the unofficial start of Czech Days.

“All these campers have been here for a week just trying to get a sport for Czech Days and we just want to get it going,” Kohout said.

Czech Days features three parades, a kids parade at 7:00 pm Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday, both at 2:00 pm. Sunday’s parade will be live on NCN and Pospisil says that means a lot as it brings the parade to the homes of those who can’t make it.

“We’re just excited especially for the people who can’t make it, like in nursing homes, not even in Wilber, but statewide and nationwide even,” Pospisil said. “It’s a great opportunity for those who can’t make it here.”

Kohout described the alumni band as a fun group that brings energy and joy everywhere they go. Pospisil echoes that message and talked about the emotions she feels when playing with the band.

“Every time I start playing, I literally get goosebumps,” Pospisil said. “Like Jeremy said, it’s our job to get everybody pumped up and ready to go.”

The forecast looks to be a hot one for Czech Days this weekend. Kohout and Pospisil said that’s become somewhat of a tradition for the festival, but it won’t stop people from having a good time.

“We have plenty of air conditioning here where people can listen to the music, still eat the Czech food, still hear the bands, while not being in the heat as well,” Pospisil said.