CORTLAND - Travelers of US Highway 77 now have another option to fill up their tank, grab a quick snack or something to drink.

Homestead Convenience, a Phillips 66 gas station and convenience store is in its first week of business after opening on Monday. Devin Schroeder is the owner and talked about how the idea came to be.

“Decided to do the thing ourselves, so we created the homestead Convenience brand, the Schroeders Bros. Pizza brand,” Schroeder said. “Make our own pizzas and our own wrap sandwiches, to really offer the community something that’s involved with the community.”

"Schro Bros. Pizza" is one of the signature pieces of the store. For Schroeder, a way of tying family, the community, and the store all together.

“I have five little brothers, all of them are involved with the business, they’re back there slinging pizzas every night,” Schroeder said. “We had many names, Schro Bros. just stuck one day, but it really emphasizes the family culture we want to have here.”

The store sells all kinds of snacks, beverages and convenience items. It also has a walk-in beer cave and soon will have liquor. It sits alongside the southbound lane of 77, across the street from the Sinclair. The location is a prime spot for those traveling between Beatrice and Lincoln, as well as those on longer treks.

“The location’s great,” Schroeder said. “We get about 10,00 cars and trucks that come through town each day so it’ll be fun not only to get to know the community, but also meeting people from all over the place, showing them what we’ve got.”

The store opened later than expected because of issues with supply chain.

“We hit some speed bumps,” Schroeder said. “The supply chain hit us a few times with some shelving, racks, countertops, they were all delayed.”

Schroeder says he wants the store to be more than just a gas station and convenience store, but also a part in the community.

“When people walk in the door, we want them to be greeted, we want, smiles on their faces and we want smiles on faces as they’re walking out… Truly somewhere people stop at when driving through town.”