FAIRBURY - Nebraska Supreme Court chief justice Mike Heavican and several associate justices made a stop in Fairbury on Monday morning to take a tour of the Jefferson County Courthouse.

County justice Linda Bauer and her staff organized an open house, and welcomed a large number of guests from across the state and county.

Chief justice Heavican says Fairbury was the first of about 20 stops that he and his staff will make across the state this week. He says seeing how county courts operate up close, and seeing what improvements can be made, is of utmost importance.

"We get a lot of good ideas," Heavican said. "We see a lot of beautiful buildings and meet a lot of wonderful people. We know that the court system has to be supported by all Nebraskans, and supported by county government."

Justice Heavican also made a stop at the Thayer County Courthouse in Hebron on Monday. His tour will wrap up on Friday.

He's been to many courthouses across the state over many years, but Heavican said the Jefferson County open house was the most well-attended one he's seen in awhile.

"It's a beautiful building," Heavican said. "We're hugely appreciative of the taxpayer's support that help preserve the history of these courthouses."